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Decolit Master Black 251 Lay Flat Blockout Banner

Ferrari Decolit Master Black 251 is a lay-flat, 9.5 oz Block-Out, single-sided, matte banner with black coating on the reverse side. This product is very thin and light, with high flexibility and excellent dimensional stability over time making it perfect for applications such as large format hanging banners, shop windows, exhibition and tradeshow displays and roll up display mounts.

Ferrari's Preconstraint patented technology keeps the textile under tension throughout the manufacturing process. This process gives Ferrari products attributes not found elesewhere such as; extremely smooth print face and no edge curl resulting in banners hanging flat and no fraying therefore reducing labour costs on finishing edges.


  • Sizes 35.4", 63"
  • Construction 9.5 oz, Blockout
  • Colours Matte, White
  • Durability Up to 3 years, Outdoors
JFTG2110 35.4" x 25 meters   25M YES
JFTG2111 63" x 25 meters   25M YES

  • Very thin and lightweight for high flexibility.
  • Matte finish provides a very low level of light reflection.
  • Excellent dimensional stability over time.
  • Does not suffer from edge curl.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Suitable for digital and screen printing using all types of inks from routine projects to high-end designs resulting in increased productivity.
  • Banners
  • Displays
  • Special Events
  • Exhibition and tradeshow booths
  • Window displays

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