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Billboard & Streamer Application

Decolit Reverse 456 14.7oz 1 Side Matte, 1 Side Gloss Blockout Banner

Ferrari Expolit 456 is a 14.7 oz, European made, double sided banner, Matte one one side and gloss on the other it is a very high quality product, that is blockout, lay-flat and anti-curl. Both sides of this product are printable making it suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor event promotion; streamers, hanging banners, wall decoration, billboards and much much more.

Ferrari's Preconstraint patented technology keeps the textile under tension throughout the manufacturing process. This process gives Ferrari products attributes not found elesewhere such as; extremely smooth print face, no edge curl resulting in banners hanging flat and no fraying therefore reducing labour costs on finishing edges.


  • Construction 14.7 oz
  • Colours Gloss/Matte 2 sided, White
  • Durability Up to 3 years, Outdoors
JFTG2210 35.4" x 25 meters   25M YES
JFTG2211 53" x 25 meters   25M YES
JFTG2212 98.4" x 50 meters   50M YES

  • Printable on both sides
  • One gloss side, one matte side making it a unique textile suitable for all situations
  • 100% recyclable when using Serge Ferrari Texyloop System
  • Fire certificates M2 and B1
  • Blockout, lay flat and anti-curl
  • European-made
  • Streamers
  • Hanging banners
  • Wall decoration
  • Billboards