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IC Split Software

FOREVER IC Split Software

IC Split is a new FOREVER software that allows users with A4 toner or LED printers to produce larger sized XXL t-shirts - all without having to buy additional equipment!

IC Split will take an existing image and split it along the most logical sightline - creating 2, 3 or 4 separate panels, depending on the size of your image. It will split designs with just a few clicks. Automatically generating an abstract cutting line for dark and light backgrounds.The software recognizes individual colours in an image, and automatically creates an invisible cutting path. The result is an interleaved cutting path, which will be invisible on the final transfer to the textile.

IC Split is either a standalone-software or can be used in conjunction with TransferRIP

WFOR004 FOREVER IC Split Software V1 (Forever# 7900001119 = For customers that do not have TransferRIP and require a dongle)   EA -
WFOR005 FOREVER IC Split Software V2 (Forever# 7900001120 = For customers that already have a TransferRIP-dongle)   EA -

  • Suitable for CMYW or CMYK laser / LED Printers
  • No additional media costs
  • No need to purchase a larger printer
  • Transparent film for easy positioning
  • No visible line after transfer
  • Also suitable for Rasterized images
  • System Requirements:
  • Windows/Mac
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8,10/ Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 2.5 GHz clocking
  • 3.5 GB RAM
  • 2 GB of storage space
  • Free USB slot for the dongle