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FOREVER Hot Stamping Foils

Hot stamping foils for the FOEVER thermal transfer process allows you to add amazing designs and finishes in various colors and dimensions. FOREVER Laser Dark (No-Cut) LowTemp transfer media can be easily metalized, with the advantage that even the finest details can be transferred. These foils are fun and allows you to expand your creativity with a new pallet of colors and textures that are not available in the standard HTV products. These foils are compatible overtop of FOREVER Laser-Dark products.

Once FOREVER Laser-Dark is applied, you can then press the hot stamping foils (metal side up) at 310F for 30 seconds at medium pressure, overtop of the finished design. The foil is peeled away when cold. The foil will ONLY stick to areas within the application that have Laser-Dark.


  • Construction Thin film coated with the layer of metalized colour
  • Finish Metalized
JFEU0008 Bright Gold, 12" x 24 feet   RL YES
JFEU0009 Bright Silver, 12" x 24 feet   RL YES

For use over FOREVER Laser-Dark

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