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Tattoo Paper

FOREVER Toner Printable Tattoo Set (Base & Mask)

FOREVER Temporary Tattoo Paper is a clear base, toner printable sheet with a special clear glue B-Sheet. Sheets are A4 or 8.27 x 11.69. NO HEAT PRESS IS REQUIRED. The A-Sheet is a clear, laser printable with a special water based adhesive. The printable side of the A-Paper is semi-matt. The non-printable side is printed with our FOREVER-Logo. The B-Sheet is a clear, PSA glue used to transfer tattoo to skin or other surfaces. The B-Paper has a matte and glossy side. The matte side is the backing paper and it will be disposed of after peeling it off of the A-Sheet.

Printing and Applying Instructions:

  • Print your design with a laser printer on the coated side of the A-Sheet
  • Peel off a corner of the white backing paper from the B-Sheet and fold it over
  • Place the A-Sheet face up on a ?at surface. Now stick the exposed piece of B-Sheet precisely to the corner of the A-Sheet
  • Using a squeegee push the B-sheet backing paper away while rubbing over it. This applies the glue and the tattoo paper is ready for transfer
  • Cut around the design as close to the design as possible (you can use a scissor or most cutters/plotters)
  • Peel off the glossy part of the B-Sheet
  • Position the tattoo face down on clean and dry skin
  • Soak the tattoo with a wet sponge or running water until thoroughly wet, applying light pressure
  • The tattoo is ready when the support paper it can be slid away without using much force.


  • Finish Clear
  • Durability Once applied, 2-4 days
VXFE0042 A-4 (8.27" x 11.69"), both A-Sheet & B-Sheet sold in multiples of 10 sheets   SET YES

  • For use on skin or hard surfaces Media Setting: Multi-Purpose-Tray, 175g paper or heavier
  • Hold the A-Sheet at a slight angle in the light to recognize the coated side
  • Print your design in mirror image mode onto the coated side of the A-Sheet
  • White toner printers can be used for transfers on darker skin or dark surfaces or, if you want to use white colour in the design
Suitable for use on skin or other hard surfaces
  • Race numbers
  • Action hero's
  • All sorts of shapes
  • Signs and patterns

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