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Edge Positive

Edge Positive is a clear, polyester based film with a custom formulated, Gerber Edge printable surface for the production of screen-ready film positives for subsequent screenprinting.

With the Gerber EDGE and GerberColorTM Spot Black you can print re-useable film positives which eliminates the need for camera work, chemicals and all kinds of time...EDGE Positive is the screen printers best friend!

GPGS4964-10 15" x 10 yards   10Y -
GPGS4965-50 15" x 50 yards   50Y YES

  • EDGE Ready for superior printing results. EDGE printed graphics using Edge Positive Series in combination with GerberColor cartridges qualify for Gerber's unique MTS warranty coverage.
  • Edge Positive is a crystal-clear, 7-mil polyester-based film with a custom-formulated top coat.
  • Eliminates the need for camera work and chemicals when producing screen print positives...No need to purchase expensive camera equipment and no harsh chemicals are needed.
  • Screenprinting exposures do not degrade EDGE Positive images, therefore, separations can be stored after use and reused.
  • Tremendous value for the sign shop that does screen printing due to the elimination of long set-up times.
  • Available in popular widths.
  • Screen print film positives
  • Photo polymer layouts
  • Overhead projected mechanicals
  • Transparencies for patterns and pounce designs

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