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Gerber Holographix Prismatic Film

Gerber HoloGraphix is a range of prismatic vinyl films with unique light reflecting properties. The surface has a metallised lustre suitable for point-of-sale displays and eye-catching novelty decals.

Available in four different patterns that range from mirror-finish (Silver Sheen) to prismatic rays (Crystal Blizzard). Each pattern creates a spectrum of colours that adds dynamic visual effects to your graphics.

GPGS3221-10 15" x 10 yards Silver Sheen   YD -
GPGS3222-10 15" x 10 yards Water Drop   10Y -
GPGS3224-10 15" x 10 yards Mosaic   10Y -
GPGS3227 15" by the yard Kaleidoscope   YD YES

  • EDGE Ready for superior printing results. EDGE printed graphics using Gerber Holographix Series in combination with GerberColor cartridges qualify for Gerber's unique MTS warranty coverage.
  • Eye-catching prismatic vinyl with light diffracting effects make an easy sell for Gerber EDGE owners.
  • Availble in 4 colours (Silver Sheen, Mosaic, Kaleidoscope, and Crystal Blizzard) and ideal for all internal applications including labels, decals, and point of purchase displays.
  • Optimal printing results means less wasted material and greater profits. Superior finished product translates into repeat business.
  • Material is easy to apply. Finished graphics can be handed to the customer on a roll and they can apply them themselves. By eliminating the installation step, the EDGE owner will save time and money and increase productivity.
  • Available in popular widths by-the-yard.
  • Point of sales displays
  • Decals
  • Labels
  • POP
  • Promotional material
  • Eye catching designs
  • Specialty items

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