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ImageCal Vinyl

Gerber ImageCal "P" is a clear calendered vinyl film, offering a permanent adhesive system and two years outdoor-durability from the time of application.

Gerber ImageCal "R" Clear is a 3.5 mil, durable, removable, calendered vinyl. For up to six months after application, the film's unique adhesive allows the graphic to be removed from most surfaces with little or no residue left behind and without the aid of chemicals or accessories.

Gerber ImageCal "R" White is a 4 mil removable and reusable vinyl which can be reused up to 5 times within one year without leaving residue or losing the strength of its adhesive bond.

Ask any Gerber EDGE owner how easy ImageCal is to handle? The response will be 'not only easy to handle bit also very easy to apply'. In short, this vinyl is perfect for short-term window displays, exhibit and trade-shows and POP displays.

GPGS2779-50 15" x 50 yards White 'R'   50Y YES
GPGS5587-10 15" x 10 yards Clear 'R'   10Y -
GPGS5588-50 15" x 50 yards Clear 'R'   50Y YES
GPGS5583-10 15" x 10 yards Clear "P"   10Y -
GPGS5584-50 15" x 50 yards Clear "P"   50Y YES

  • EDGE Ready for superior printing results. EDGE printed graphics using Gerber ImageCal "P" Series in combination with GerberColor cartridges qualify for Gerber's unique MTS warranty coverage.
  • ImageCal "P" is a polymeric calendered vinyl...High-quality, calendered construction is more stable than monomeric calendered vinyl's...ImageCal's quality means a better finished product which translates into repeat business.
  • Suitable for use in interior and short-term exterior signs, decals, second surface applications and window displays.
  • Clear vinyl and adhesive allows graphics to take on the background colour of its substrate.
  • Thickness is 4 to 5 Mil - Application tape may not be required when transferring small ImageCal "P" graphics. Eliminating that step from the application process will save time and money.
  • Colour is clear.
  • Available by-the-yard in popular widths.
  • Short term exterior signs
  • Second surface graphics
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Window displays
  • Parking decals
  • Specialty items

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