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Gerbermask Ultra Paint Mask Stencil

GerberMask I is a 4 mil white vinyl film, coated with a low-tack removable adhesive. Designed to be used as a stencil-masking film for application to a variety of smooth, flat substrates. The low-tack adhesive allows easy removal from substrates.

GerberMask Yellow Ultra is a 4-mil, yellow film with a low-tack adhesive system for use as an easily removable stencil mask on smooth, flat surfaces. The yellow face film makes weeding and application much easier especially when the stencil is applied to a white surface.

VCG182-50 15" x 50 yards, P   YD YES
VCGU157-50 15" x 50 yards, Yellow, P   YD -
VDGU187-50 30" x 50 yards, P   YD -
VDGU158-50 30" x 50 yards, Yellow, P   YD -
VRGU166-50 45" x 50 yards, UP   YD -
VRGU159-50 45" x 50 yards, Yellow UP   YD -

  • Used as stencil material for hand painted signs.
  • Suitable for plexiglass, glass, polycarbonate and stainless steel.
  • Stencils
  • Paint masking
  • Acid etching
  • Light sandblasting