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ADA Bits

ADA Compliance Router Bits

ADA Compliance Bits are for for ADA-complant signs. Shank diameter of 6.0mm/1/4". Long and Short Types use different engraver options.

Get the most from your routing system with the complete line of ADA-ready engraving bits. These bits are used to create ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant signs. The Long Type for use with DIMENSION 200 and SABRE engraver options. The Short Type has the same tip geometry as the Long Type, but are cut shorter for use in a router motor or high frequency spindle option.

NGSR7849 P47849A 1/4" Braille Dot Cutter, Short   EA -
NGSR0625 P50625A 1/4" Parallel Cutter, Short   EA -

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