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White Label Stock

Gerber Label Stock is a range of dimensionally stable, polyester-based films offering resistance to tearing, abrasion and heat.

ULR (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) -recognized, this polyester material is the ideal choice for countless commercial and industrial applications from equipment identification and nameplates to decals and UPC labels.


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GPGS9884-10 15" x 10 yards 2mil   10Y -
GPGS9885-50 15" x 50 yards 2mil   50Y YES
GPGS9881-10 15" x 10 yards 1mil   10Y -
GPGS9882-50 15" x 50 yards 1mil   50Y -

  • EDGE Ready for superior printing results. EDGE printed graphics using Gerber Label Stock in combination with GerberColor cartridges qualify for Gerber's unique MTS warranty coverage.
  • With an outdoor life of up to 2 years, offer a superior finished product and the possibility of repeat business.
  • ULR Recognized for heat resistance. The ability to apply labels to hot surfaces opens up more markets for EDGE owners.
  • Extreme dimensional stability means graphics wont shrink.
  • Material is easy to apply, finished labels can even be applied by customers, therefore, eliminating installation costs.
  • Hot sufaces (factory pipes)
  • UL Label applications
  • Decals
  • Warning Labels

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