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Gerber GSX Plotter

GSX Plotter

The GSplus series is the Gerber family of highly accurate stepper motor sprocket plotters that use 15" (GS15 and GSx) or 30" (GS750) perforated materials. These open-architecture workhorses feature KMS Knife Mode Switching technology, for optimal cutting of all Gerber Materials as well as many others. GS plotters are simple to learn and operate, and define the term unattended-operation. Includes accessory kit, knife tool holder and blade, pen, and material roll holder.

HGSP55161 GSX   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • For use with the Gerber EDGE, contour cut any EDGE Ready Material for that ultimate finish.
  • Cuts a wide range of the most challenging materials to satisfy a broad range of application needs.
  • Swivel knife technology for effective high performance cutting.
  • Automatic alignment and pin-feed transport means you cant load your material incorrectly.
  • High cutting speed increases your finished output and efficiency.
  • Unattended operation for long or multiple jobs.
  • Performs productively when work is highly repetitive.
  • Features HP/GL open architecture to suit your design needs.
  • Works intelligently with the latest version of Gerber OMEGA Software to optimise its performance when interfacing with EDGE technology.
  • Cutting Gerber EDGE output
  • Fleet graphics
  • Text-intensive signs
  • Long signs
  • Precision-cut intricate graphics
  • Time-sensitive short-run graphics
  • Highly repetitive work
  • "Difficult to cut" materials

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