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HP 70 DesignJet Inks

Print just what you envision. Then print it again, confident you'll get the same vivid color, the same quality. It's no problem using Original HP printing supplies and media designed together with the printer. Prints made with Original HP Photo Inks achieve over 200 years permanence on a range of HP media. Built-in intelligent technology enables convenient supplies reordering. The time you save means faster turnaround times and lower costs of printing.


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IDHP70C Cyan Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70M Magenta Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70Y Yellow Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70BKP Photo Black Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70BKM Matte Black Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70LC Light Cyan Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70LM Light Magenta Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70LG Light Grey Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70BLUE Blue Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70GRN Green Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70R Red Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70GRAY Grey Ink, 130ml   EA -
IDHP70GE Gloss Enhancer Ink, 130ml   EA -

  • Avoid waste and rework that can cost time and money. Original HP Photo Inks are designed and tested with the printer and our broad media portfolio for consistent, hassle-free printing.
  • Innovative Original HP Photo Ink technology delivers an unmatched combination of outstanding image quality and over 200 years print permanence on a range of HP media. You also get a wide color gamut, rich black density and true gray neutrality.
  • Simple, problem-free printing. Built-in intelligent technology makes adjustments for color accuracy and consistency, enables convenient supplies reordering. With Original HP Photo Ink and HP media, get quick color stability for fast print reviews.
  • Photo Quality Prints
  • General Signage

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