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Matador No Slip Floor Mat & Counter Mat System

Jessup Matador is a 2-part, thick, PVC based mat system ideal for both counter top and floor mats. Due to the both the thickness and PVC nature of the system, the finished mats are inherently layflat and can be moved easily from place to place without requiring adhesive to hold them in place.

The system is made up of a 40mil reverse-printed, clear PVC base (available in either fine or coarse texture), which is then laminated to a 20mil thick textured, slip resistant backer.

The backer is available in white, for an opaque look, or clear, to allow the floor or counter finish to show through. The total material thickness is 60mil. When finishing the mats for floor use, rounded corners are recommended.

Once assembled the system is slip resistant material ASTM D-2047 passed.


  • Colours Printable top is clear, non-slip base is either white or clear.
  • Finish Fine or coarse texture
  • Durability Can be used and resused multiple times
JJMU1201 30" x 10 feet, Clear Underlay   RL -
JJMU1202 60" x 50 feet, Clear Underlay   RL -
JJMU1203 30" x 10 feet, White Underlay   RL YES
JJMU1204 60" x 50 feet, White Underlay   RL YES
JJMU1205 30" x 10 feet, Clear Fine Print   RL YES
JJMU1206 60" x 50 feet, Clear Fine Print   RL YES
JJMU1207 30" x 10 feet, Clear Coarse Print   RL YES
JJMU1208 60" x 50 feet, Clear Course Print   RL -

  • Matador is a thick clear material that is printed on the smooth reverse side with the textured side facing up.
  • Total system thickness is 60mil = printable top is 40mil and the base is 20mil
  • Mat lays flat on the floor or counter without needing adhesive
  • Mats printed with this material can be used repeatedly and easily moved
  • There are two textures available, fine or coarse (think of sand finish for the fine and think outdoor floor laminate texture for the coarse)
  • 60" wide master rolls, 30" wide short rolls
  • Grocery stores
  • Car dealerships or auto parts stores
  • Sporting venues
  • Museums/educational facilities Directional signage
  • Event signage
  • Retail flooring
  • Indoor floor graphics
  • Trade shows / special events
  • Theater counters