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Keencut Rotary Cutters & Trimmers

The Technic Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC) and Technic Advanced Rotary Cutter Table Edge (TE) are reliable, durable and accurate paper cutters ideal for cutting and trimming fine art papers or large format posters and drawings. Proven in heavy use environments, such as parcel shops, the ARC & TE will maintain a straight accurate cutting line and will not distort under pressure. With two-way cutting, guaranteed accuracy and a clear view of the cutting line, you will achieve a professional finish even on the most delicate materials.

HKE60606 Technic ARC - 42"   EA -
HKE60609 Technic ARC - 60"   EA -
HKE60613 Technic ARC - 80"   EA -
HKE60611 Technic ARC - 100"   EA -
HKE60612 Technic ARC - 120"   EA -
HKE60630 Technic ARC TE - 40"   EA -
HKE60631 Technic ARC TE - 60"   EA -
HKE60632 Technic ARC TE - 80"   EA -
HKE60633 Technic ARC TE - 100"   EA -
HKE60634 Technic ARC TE - 120"   EA -

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  • Keencut cutters are the most accurate on the market
  • Guaranteed 1.0mm straightness over the full length of the cut
  • Specifically designed for cutting paper and film
  • Precision scissor cutting action for a professional finish on delicate materials
  • Unobstructed view of cut line
  • Maximum clamping for material stability
  • Safety by design
  • Simple and instinctive operation
  • Calibrated for immediate 'out of the box' accuracy
  • Manufactured and finished with premium quality materials
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • ARC (table top cutter) available in 5 sizes from 107cm (42") to 305cm (120")
  • ARC TE (table edge mounted) available in 5 sizes from 100cm (40") to 300cm (120")
  • Banner
  • Fabric/textiles
  • Film
  • Paper
  • Self-adhesive flexible material
  • Tissue paper
  • Semi-rigid materials
  • Cardboard <1mm
  • Mountboard <1mm
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