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Excalibur 3S Economical Vertical Cutter

The Excalibur 3S vertical substrate cutter has been designed for tight budgets, the Excalibur 3S vertical cutter is economically priced and provides most of the cutting capabilities of the SteelTraK. A new self-lubricating bearing included on both cutting heads, can handle thinner hard substrates such as ACM, PVC and foam board.


  • Size 84"W x 12-16" D x 96" H
HKE60373 Excalibur 3S Cutter 63"   EA -

  • 63" cut size
  • Operators can quickly access all three cutting tools and they are attached to the cutting head
  • All blades cut on the same line, no wasted panels, no mistakes guessing where the cut line is
  • Fitted counterbalance saves time
  • Acrylic and Plexiglass, <3mm by scoring and snapping
  • MDF <3mm
  • Corrugated Cardboard <13mm
  • Corrugated Plastic <13mm
  • PVC Foamboard <13mm
  • Magentic Sheets <4mm
  • Foam Centered Board <13mm
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