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Sabre Series 2 General Purpose Cutter

Designed to cut a wide range of sheet materials, the Sabre Series 2 offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting. The new, high-performance cutting head design relies on strong Graphik blades with a cutting depth up to .5" (13mm). These unique reversible blades cater to both left and right-nanded operators.

The Sabre Series 2 is designed for use on a bench or attached to the optional stand. The innovative hinge and lift arm mechanism makes it possible to cut materials, which are longer than the length of the cutter. It also accepts materials of varying thickness without affecting either the line of angle of cut. The extruded and silver anodized aluminum base incorporates a narrow groove to accpet the blade tip when cutting.

HKE60738 100" Cutter   EA YES
HKEOP69141 Fabric Cutting Wheel, Pack of 10   PK10 -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Full length silicon rubber grip strips in the SABRE base and underside of the cutter bar clamp materials when cutting and provide protection to even the most sensitive surfaces.
  • The self adjusting hinges give lay-flat cutting on all materials up to 13mm (0.5) in thickness.
  • Rear loading blade holder for swift replacement; blades will never pull out in heavy materials
  • Safe and efficient blade ejector also doubles as a cut depth gauge
  • Quick fit thread cap for easy accessory attachment
  • Safe and efficient blade ejector also doubles as a cut depth gauge
  • The Sabre is ideal for cutting:
  • Acrylic/Plexiglass
  • Conservation board
  • Mountboard
  • PVC Foamboard
  • Banner
  • Fabrics/textiles
  • Paper
  • Tissue and many more flexible and rigid materials!

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