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Evolution 3 Freehand Cutter

The Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand is a portable cutter for accurate, occasional cutting in a studio or workshop environment.

  • Evolution3 is guaranteed to cut within .008" of a straight line for the length of the cut
  • Site line strip enables operators to see exactly where the cut line is
  • The stainless steel slideway track and rollers on the QuikSwap tool heads provide a very strong and steady movement up and down the machine, with very little sideways motion that could misalign the cut
  • Anti-sag system holds the cutter bar level for accurate line-up
  • Minimal setup: calibrated "out of the box" accuracy


    • Sizes 44", 64",84", 104" and 124"
    HKE61275 Freehand 44" Cutter   EA -
    HKE61276 Freehand 64" Cutter   EA -
    HKE61277 Freehand 84" Cutter   EA -
    HKE61278 Freehand 104" Cutter   EA -
    HKE61279 Freehand 124" Cutter   EA -

  • Accurate to within .008 inch
  • Two-way cutting with two individual blade holders or arrange for progressive cutting
  • Portable cutter
  • QuikSwap Tool Heads attach or detach from the track in seconds
  • Site line strip enables operators to see exactly where the cut line is
  • Single handed positioning, cutting and clamping
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK
  • Acrylic (score and snap up to 1/4 inch)
  • Banners, Fabric and Textiles
  • Card, Paper and Tissue
  • Corrugated plastic, PVC board and Foam board
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