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Knifeless Tapes

Knifeless Design Line Tape

  • Allows stretching, follows contours and turns easily in any direction
  • Excellent for creating designs & stripes with no extra steps required to achieve a perfect cut
  • Available in 50 Meter rolls (164 Feet)

    Knifeless Finish Line Tape
  • 3.5 mm (1/8" nominal) Width
  • Use for most wrap applications
  • Conformable around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, etc
  • Available in 50 Meter rolls (164 Feet)

    Knifeless Perf Line Tape
  • 6.35 mm (1/4") Width
  • Use with perforated window file for perfect easy cuts every time
  • After trimmed leaves 1/8" gap to apply seal tape
  • Great for vehicle wraps and window wraps
  • Available in 50 Meter rolls (164 Feet)

    Knifeless Bridge Line Tape
  • 12.7 mm (1/2") Width
  • For use between wide gaps ie. between doors, seams and rubber seals
  • Available in 50 Meter rolls (164 Feet)

    Knifeless Tri Line Tape
  • Create pinstripes, gaps and butt seams that rival using a knife or plotter
  • Unique, triple-lined tape ensures accurate, consistent stripe width from one end of the car to the other.
  • Create different widths using 6mm, 9mm spaced filaments or a combination of both
  • Patented design stretches slightly and turns easily in any direction for one-of-a-kind works of art

  • *Finish-Line, Perf-Line & Bridge-Line Tapes are very conformable film backed vinyl film trimming tapes that achieve a clean vinyl trim cut on highly contoured surfaces.

    TKTRDL50 Design Line, 50 meters   RL YES
    TKTRFL50 Finish Line, 50 Meters   RL -
    TKTRPL50 Perf Line, 50 Meters   RL YES
    TKTRBL50 Bridge Line, 50 Meters   RL YES
    TKTRFL10 Finish Line, 10 Meters   RL -
    TKTRTL50-6 Tri Line, 6mm Spaced Filaments, 50 Meters   RL YES
    TKTRTL50-9 Tri Line, 9mm Spaced Filaments, 50 Meters   RL YES

    • Ideal for many complex shapes and irregular surfaces.
    • Low elongation allows for easy straightening of the tape without fear of breakage for straight line application.
    • Resists lifting around corners or in depressed areas.
    • The smooth backing will allow repositioning of vinyl film without the tape lifting.
    • Tape will give excellent location isolation under the vinyl due to its thickness.
    • Will withstand heating up to 212 degrees Farenheit. Excellent performance at higher temperatures may be obtained, depending upon the total time, temperature, surfaces masked and other conditions.
    • Should not be subjected to outdoor applications or prolonged periods of sunlight as tape may become difficult to remove.
    • For trimming around:
    • Door handles
    • Mirrors
    • Around doors and hatched openings
    • Across rubber seals and window coverings prior to application of seal tapes

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