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Luinergy LED Strip Roll

Luminergy LED Strips

Luminergy LED Strip modules allow for creative placement of lighting into extremely small spaces. Available in 5 meter rolls in either bendable Zig Zag or Straight LED Strip styles:

Zig-Zag LED Strips are up to 420 lumens/foot, cutable every 3 LEDs, and their 8mm wide size is very versatile. They can be bent to fit custom scripts and channels. Offered in 5 meter rolls.

Straight LED Strips are 3mm wide and very powerful. They can be used in small areas as a backlight source or outline lighting with 72 LEDs per meter. Cuttable every 7 LEDs and available with either IP22 for indoor or IP68 for outdoor use.

Electronic LED 120Volt/60Watt power supply sold separately.

ELUB1010 Straight White LED Strip, IP22, 12V 9.6W   RL YES
ELUB1012 Straight Warm White LED Strip, IP22, 12V 17.8W   RL YES
ELUB1013 Zig Zag White LED Strip, 12V 4.8W   RL -
ELUB1015 Straight RGB LED Strip, IP22, 12V 14.4W   RL -
ELUB1016 Straight White LED Strip, IP22, 12V 9.6W   RL -
ELUB1017 Straight Red LED Strip, IP22, 12V 9.6W   RL -
ELUB1018 Straight Amber LED Strip, IP22, 12V 9.6W   RL -

  • Zig-Zag strips are flexible and versatile. Available in 5 meter lengths.
  • Longer LED strip light lengths allow for longer, more creative jobs
  • LED for more than just sign cabinets and channel letters

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