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Luco 95 Brush Sizes

Luco 95 Hand Lettering Brushes

Luco 95 hand-lettering brushes that are brass wire bound, brown Kazan quill attached to blue handles. Very soft brushes for lettering on glass and other smooth surfaces. Available in graduated sizes.

Lettering Brushes typically have very long hairs, generally of natural. This long hair gives them high color carrying capacity, useful for producing large block letters with a single stroke. Soft natural fibers, such as squirrel and sable, perform best on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, vinyl, or metal. For abrasive surfaces, such as rough wood, ceramics, or acrylic primed canvas, choose a brush with a more durable fiber, such as bristle or synthetic. Soft hairs deteriorate rapidly on a rough surface.

PBRA951 #1 brown quill, sold in multiples of 6   EA -
PBRA952 #2 brown quill   EA -
PBRA954 #4 brown quill   EA YES
PBRA956 #6 brown quill   EA YES
PBRA958 #8 brown quill   EA YES
PBRA9510 #10 brown quill   EA YES
PBRA9512 #12 brown quill   EA YES
PBRA9514 #14 brown quill   EA -
PBRA9516 #16 brown quill   EA -