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Marabu Primers and Adhesion Promoters

Marabu Primers and adhesion promoters are designed to create a surface that ensures a good bond of coatings or UV-curable inks. Sold in 1 litre cans.

P2 Primer & Adhesion Promoter for Plastics: P2 Primer is an ink adhesion promoter. It is especially useful for printing onto PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) and metals which must be pretreated before printing. Improved adhesion properties can also be obtained on powder coatings.

P4 Primer & Adhesion Promoter for Metals & Glass: The adhesion properties of UV curable inks on metals and glass (screen printing and digital) are significantly improved by the use of P4 Primer.

Application of either primer is possible by either manually wiping it onto the entire surface with a cloth, or by using a spray gun. Let the primer dry and proceed with printing. Materials must be printed with 24 hours of application for best results. Coated materials are not intended for long-term storage.


  • Size 1 litre cans
  • Construction Wipe on, cloth or spray apply solvent based primers
  • Finish Colourless
JCSN3307 P2 Adhesion Promoter for Plastics   EA YES
JCSN3308 P4 Adhesion Promoter for Metal and Glass   EA -

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