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ClearJet A2000

Clear Jet A2000 Aerosol Spray Liquid Laminate

ClearJet A2000 is a solvent-based liquid laminate for use on water-sensitive inks and substrates. ClearJet A2000 is highly flexible and easy to apply. ClearJet is ideal for applications where ClearShield is not an option due to the water-sensitivity of the materials being coated.

Offered in a 12oz aerosol spray can.


  • Construction Solvent based liquid laminate
  • Finish Clear
JCSN3371 Semi-Gloss, 12oz Aerosol Can   EA -
JCSN3372 Gloss, 12oz Aerosol Can   EA -

  • Solvent based
  • Includes state-of-the-art UV inhibitors
  • Chemical & water resistant
  • Protects from abrasion and marring
  • Non-Yellowing formula
  • Enhances colour
Applicable for use on:
  • canvas
  • banner
  • wood
  • paper
  • vinyl
  • fibreglass
  • plastics

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