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MuscleMag Double Sided Charged Magentic, No Adhesive

MuscleMag is an extruded magnetic product that is double side magnetized. This product has an A charge magentized face and a B-charged magnetized back. This media allows you to mount printed ferro-magnetic materials onto iron-oxide painted walls or metal sheets. When used as a base layer, MuscleMag can be used to create interchangable memo boards, advertizing and fixtures. This material is to be used as an inner layer it is not adhesive and is NOT PRINTABLE.

Available in two strengths:
030 Standard Enegry-- holds up to two layers of ferro-magnetic printed materials
030 High Energy-- hold up to three layers of ferro-magnetic printed materials


  • Finish Black extruded magnet
  • Durability For indoor use only
JMNU3011 030 Standard Energy, 24.375" x 50'   RL -
JMNU3012 030 High Energy, 24.375" x 50'   RL -