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While paint may only be a small part of your total cost, it's a BIG part of your reputation. Why risk anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane (or "MAP", for short) paints are formulated to provide your customers with the ultimate in durability and satisfaction.

IPMPSOA202G White, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA923G Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA942G Green Yellow, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA943G Hi Hide Yellow, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSOA920G Blue, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA947G Scarlet Red, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA917G Yellow Oxide, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA925G New Blue, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA929G Anodic Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA911G Violet, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA921G Green, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA930G Light Red, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA913G Magenta, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA940G Red Yellow, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA915G Red Oxide, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSOA914G Dark Red, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA3948G King Silver, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA912G Maroon, Gallon   GAL YES

  • Outstanding ability to withstand exposure to extreme climatic conditions.
  • Superb durability over metal, wood, and numerous plastics...Even after years of exposure to the harshest environmental conditions.
  • MAP's durable, cross-linked finish exhibits excellent graffiti-resistance.
  • MATTHEWS is about more than just paint, however: Ask us about our truly phenomenal colour matching system.
  • Electrical signage components
  • Architectural signage
  • Highway and traffic signs