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Gloss Metallic

Matthews offers four grades of metallic toners which are mixed with gloss colours so that you can always achieve the brilliant texture you're imagining. Your creativity is limitless when you add gloss metallics to the spectrum of possibilities!

IPMPSOA954G Fine Silver, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA951G Medium Silver, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA953G Super Sparkle Silver, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA931G Transparent Red Oxide, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA952G Sparkle Silver, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSOA932G Transparent Yellow Oxide, Gallon   GAL YES

Features and Benefits:
  • Add texture and shine to your applications with gloss metallic colours.
  • With Matthews paint you get the most ultraviolet and weather-resistant coating system on the market today, so you're guaranteed good results every time.
  • These paints are not suitable for brush or roller use.
  • Indoor signage
  • Outdoor signage
  • POP displays
  • Decorative pieces

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