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Low VOC Satin Colour

This low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint is not only environmentally-friendly, but provides impressive durability, gloss-retention and hiding than standard acrylics. Various gloss levels can be achieved by mixing with clears. This paint adheres to a range of surfaces (aluminum, steel, styrene, polycarbonate, plexiglass).


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IPMPSV202G White, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSV923G Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSV931G Transparent Red Oxide, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV952G Sparkle Silver, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV929G Anodic Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSV930G Light Red, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV932G Transparent Yellow Oxide, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMPSV943G Hi-Hide Yellow, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV946G Bright Red, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV947G Scarlet, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV951G Medium Silver, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSV953G Super Sparkle Silver, Gallon   GAL -
IPMPSVOC1304G Hi Hide White, Gallon   GAL -

  • Excellent durability, gloss-retention, hiding
  • Adheres and retains on flexible, contractible surfaces
  • Weather-resistant
  • For environmentally-sensitive applications
  • For weather-sensitive surfaces