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Factory Pack Colours

These colours are premixed from the factory, SOME require the use of a clear coat for exterior applications. Please contact Customer Service for more information.


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IPMP41342G Brushed Aluminum, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP6422G Hi-Hide White, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP41306G Jet Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP41313G Dark Bronze, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP41312G Medium Bronze, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP41335G Anodic Black, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP41314G Old Copper, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP46401G Aztec Gold, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP46402G Aztec Copper, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP46400G Brilliant Gold, Gallon   GAL YES
IPMP42212G Scarlet Red, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP46258G Tuscon Gold, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP42214G Mexicali Red, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP46253G Copper, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP42215G Burgundy Maroon, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP42218G Sundance Yellow, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP42219G Capri Blue, Gallon   GAL -
IPMP42259G Federal Green, Gallon   GAL -