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Massivit 3D Printer

The Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer is the first of its kind to produce super-size, crowd-stopping signage, displays, and props for visual communication. Leveraging its proprietary UV-curing Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, MassivIt solutions enable rapid and cost-effective production of super-sized, eye-catching 3D signage, displays and props. Offering unprecedented printing speed, it is designed to enable business growth through scalability of printing heads and versatile printing materials.

This unique 3D printing system offers more than a hundred, ultra-creative applications, Massivit 3D printers produce giant-sized, lightweight, hollow acrylic models, signage and displays that can be illuminated, backlit, painted, or enhanced by projection mapping. Massivit 3D's advanced, patented technology offers a unique, variable-resolution capability as well as the creation of support-less structures, ensuring cost-effective production that minimizes labor and material waste.

  • Dual printing heads
  • High speed printing = 300 mm/sec linear speed (35cm /13.7" on Z axis per hour)
  • Variable in-printing resolution quality = Normal/ Quality/ High Resolution
  • Maximum printing volume = 147cm x 116cm x 137cm or 58" x 45" x 54"
  • Supported materials = Proprietary Dimengel 100
  • Integrated software = Massivit SMART Slicer (purchased separately)
  • Unprecedented 3D printing speed

HM3DMSV01802 MassivIt 1800 Dual Head 3D Printer   EA -
NM3DAKIT00118 Hand-held UV Flash Light Kit   EA -
WM3DPMSV00002 Smart Slicer 3D Software   EA -
WM3DPMSV00005 Smart 3D Estimation Software   EA -
IAM3DGELMSV00105A Dimengel 3D Gel, 19kg Pail   EA YES

  • Unprecedented 3D printing speed
  • Super-size printing capacity
  • Geometry freedom for curves and customization
  • Variable in-printing resolution
  • Remote operations and monitoring
  • 100+ applications (3D POP displays, props, and selfie points, 2D/3D billboards and signage, innovative window displays, 3D molds for thermoforming, channel letters and 3D logos, custom-shaped SEG frames (soft signage), and personalized pop-up stores and booths)
  • Retail
  • Silicone edged graphic frames
  • Soft signage
  • Channel letters
  • Entertaintment
  • Vinyl wrapped 3D objects
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Special projects