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Shop & Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies for your shop and your equipment:

Cleaning Swab Sticks: foam tipped, green or black handled swabs used for daily maintenance and cleaning of equipment.

Polyspray 2 Bottle: 32oz spray bottle for holding cleaning or mounting fluids.

Clean Room Wipes: 100% polyester wipes used in cleaning sensitive equipment parts.

Hydrosorb Wipes: 4"x4" non-woven, highly absorbent, designed for general-purpose wet and dry wiping

NCWA6209 Clean Room Wipes, 150 per package   PAK YES
PATA0001 Polyspray 2 Spray Bottle with Pump, 1.25L   EA -
PATA0002 Mercury Pro Spray Bottle & Trigger, 1L   EA YES
NCWA7970 Foam-Tipped Cleaning Swab Stick, Pack of 50   PACK -
NMIA0386 Cleaning Swab Stick w/Black Handle, 10 per Package   EA -
NCWAT604 4"x4", Hydrosorb Wipes   EA YES
NSIAIP6147 Cotton Tipped Swab Stick Set, w/ Green Handle IP6-147   EA YES