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Metal or Plastic Hinge Handles

Metal or Plastic Hinge Handles

Hinge Handles takes just seconds to install to a sheet of MDO, PVC or ACM to create an A-frame sidewalk sign (maximum sheet thickness is 1/2"). Plastic handles are available in either large 16" width or small 12" width for smaller boards. Metal handles are a universal 10.5" in width.
Plastic Hinge Handles are made from a high-strength composite polymer and virtually unbreakable even in cold weather.

Metal Hinge Handles are powder coated, super strong, cold resistant and rust proof.

PFRAH100 Hinge Handle 10.5", Super Strong & Rustproof   EA -
PFRA3312 Plastic Hinge Handle, Small 12"   EA YES
PFRA3316 Plastic Hinge Handle, Large 16"   EA YES

  • Strong - Hinge Handles are made from high-density polyethelene that will flex, but not break, even in cold weather.
  • Compatible - innovative design means that it can be used in small and large signs, with substrates of any kind up to 1/2" thick.
  • Simple - screw or staple Hinge Handle One to any sign board in seconds.
  • Convenient - Thanks to their built-in handle, Hinge Handles make A-frame signs much easier to carry.
  • Sign board
  • A-frame

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