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Heat Gun for Vinyl Application

Wagner HT3500 Adjustable Range, Digital Heat Gun
The HT3500 Heat Gun is a mid-range tool for those looking for more control and flexibility with their heat guns. A broad temperature range enables the user to match the correct temperature to the application. The cool down setting helps to preserve the life of the element and will automatically turn itself off. Offers twelve different temperature settings from 250F to 1350 F. 120 volts/1500 Watts/5100 BTUs

Wagner Forno 300 Dual-Temp Heat Gun
The FORNO 300 dual-temperature heat gun is a basic tool that can be used for dozens of applications that require heat, including stripping paint. Two temperature settings: 750F and 1100F. 120 volts/1200 Watts/4100 BTUs


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PATA0031 Wagner HT3500 Adjustable Heat Gun   EA YES
PATA0032 Wagner Forno 300 Dual-Temp Heat Gun   EA YES

  • Used in vinyl application
  • Great for dealing with curves and wrinkles<

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