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Skyscraper Mounts

Skyscraper Mount Aluminum Frame Fixture System

Skyscraper is a fully customizable, sturdy, satin silver aluminum support system for up to 1/2" rigid materials such as glass. acrylic, ACM, PVC and fluted plastics. They are extremely attractive 1" x 2" race track oval aluminum uprights that are sold in pairs at specific heights (72", 84" or 96"). These aluminum posts support material widths up to 60 inches wide. The weighted bases are Oval 8" x 17" or Round 9" circles.

For wider widths, additional centre upright posts, right angle, T-shaped or quad assemblies can be added. Graphics can be set anywhere along the post and can extend above the upright top! The SKMM Series includes 2 side aluminum rail uprights with headless set screws and laser cut steel oval bases.

Due to the custom nature of this system, all items are ordered on demand. Please inquire with your ND Representative for order turn around times.


  • Finish Satin silver
PFRASKY0001 SKX8-S, 96" Quad Assembly (One Upright, 4-Way Mount)   EA -
PFRASKY0002 SKTU8-S, 96" T-Assembly (One Upright T-Mount with Round Base)   EA -
PFRASKY0003 SKMM8-S, 96" Frame Mounts (Pair of 2 with Oval Bases)   EA -
PFRASKY0004 SKCU8-S. 96" Centre Post (One Upright Centre-Mount with Oval Base)   EA -
PFRASKY0005 SKRA8-S, 96" Right Angle Upright (One Upright Right Angle with Round Base)   EA -

  • Satin silver finish
  • Fully customizable in 72", 84" or 96" heights
  • Supports rigid material max with of 60"
  • Materials can be installed anywhere along the rail
  • Secures with invisible flat set screws
  • Two weight base types available -- Oval or Round
  • Made in the USA
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