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Pat Technology Captivair Fume Ex

Captivair Fume Extraction

The Captivair fume extractor is designed to capture and filter harmful solvent vapour from inkjet printers then return clean air to the workplace without the need for an expensive and disruptive vent to atmosphere ducting system.

HPTPATCA382 for Mimaki CJV30-130   EA -
HPTPATCA351-D for Mimaki JV5-160 - Demo unit (includes IR Dryer)   EA -
HPT080741 Twin Port 400 120V, for V64/W64 Seiko Series   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Captures fumes at source
  • Reduces odours escaping into the workplace
  • Promotes a more pleasant working environment
  • Can help reduce headaches and nausea caused by fumes
  • Helps prevent fumes escaping into neighboring buildings and rooms
  • Custom kits for each printer model
  • Can aid compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Reduce odours and fumes in the workplace

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