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PolyBrite Non-Adhesive 5.5mil Clear PET Film

PolyBrite 5.5mil is a glass-clear, PET film with a high-gloss printable surface on one side and a non-printable anti-static backing. It is NON-adhesive. It is highly stable and heat-resistant. As with all films, this product must be allowed to off-gas after printing. This can be achieved by leaving the prints face up, ideally 24 hours, to set and harden the unique scratch resistant properties. If unable to do this e.g. with a long print run, after printing the roll stand it vertically and loosely unwind as much as possible, to allow air in and gases out.

This film is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-cure or GEN-3 latex printers.


  • Construction 5.5mil thick, polyester film
  • Adhesive This product has NO adheisve.
  • Finish Clear, high-gloss
JPOH4011 30" x 5 yards   RL YES
JPOH4010 30" x 100 feet   RL YES
JPOH4009 54" x 100 feet   RL -

  • 5.5mil
  • Glass clear
  • Heat resistant
  • Non adhesive
    • Point of sales, displays
    • Hanging window graphic displays
    • Clear colour film separations
    • Map overlays

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