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PolyBrite Poly Perf Inmount

Poly Perf Inmount 70/30 Non-Adhesive Window Film System

PolyBrite Poly Perf Inmount is a matched component system of a non-adhesive, perforated window film and a double sided, ultra-removable mounting tape!

PolyBrite Poly Perf Inmount Perforated Film is an inside mount, white on black, non-adhesive, 8mil polyester film with a 70/30 punched hole perforation. It comes with a clear polyester liner that is removed after printing. Once printed, this product can be mounted inside windows, to acrylic or other clear surfaces using PolyBrite Poly Perf Inmount Tape or optically clear double sided mounting adhesives. Poly Perf can also be used in retractable banner stands and be hung as a banner using pole pockets and dowels. Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cure inks.

PolyBrite Poly Perf Inmount Two-Sided Tape: is an optically clear, double sided tape. Offering permanent acrylic adhesive on one side (gloss liner side) and ultra-removable, repositionable silicone based adhesive on the other side (matte liner side). This tape is ideal to mount PolyBrite Poly Perf, display films or paper directly to glass or other clean, smooth surfaces. The different finished liners takes the guess work out of which side is which! Available in either 3" or 6" widths.


  • Construction Perforated polyester film
  • Finish Gloss
JVBH3010 Poly Perf Inmount Window Film, 54" x 82 feet   RL YES
TWBK3320 Poly Perf Inmount, two-sided permanent/ultra removable tape, 3" x 150'   RL YES
TWBK3321 Poly Perf Inmount, two-sided permanent/ultra removable tape, 6" x 150'   RL -

Poly Perf Inmount Tape Features:
  • Inner face = Gloss, PET release liner
  • Inner-middle = Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Middle = optically clear PET film.
  • Outer-middle = Optically clear silicone adhesive
  • Outer face = Matte, PET release liner
  • Interior application to glass
  • Interior application to acrylics
  • Used in retractable banner stands
  • Hung as a banner using pole pockets and dowels
  • Posters
  • Window displays

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