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Rapid Tac Containers

Rapid Tac II Application Fluid

Rapid Tac II Application Fluid is for fast, easy, quality installation of graphics. Great for installing decals and vinyl graphics! Rapid Tac II works with a wide variety of films such as the economy calendered, intermediate calendered, high performance calendered, metallic, reflective, polyester, mylar and other specialty films. Rapid Tac II promotes bonding faster than the original Rapid Tac application fluid, and is ideal for cold weather and glass application. Rapid Tac II is not a replacement for the Original Rapid Tac, and may bond too fast with Premium Cast films in warmer conditions. Rapid Tac II works in temperatures from -6C to +60C.
This product bonds faster than Original Rapid Tac and is intended for films with a lower tac adhesive.

PRTAR2Q Rapid Tac II, sold in multiples of 12 Quarts   QT -
PRTAR2G Rapid Tac II, Gallon   GAL YES

  • Perform quality installation of graphics every time...Reduce your application costs and enhance your reputation.
  • Save Time! Granted, not all applications call for a "wet" procedure, however, save 40% to 60% in labour time using an application fluid.
  • Will not cause bubbles in your work, even in cold weather so there will be no holes in your work.
  • Environmentally friendly for save use.
  • Cleans without leaving residue - ideal for the ultimate finish.
  • Stimulates an adhesive bond in less approximately ninety seconds, even in a colder environment.
  • Help's to "float" the vinyl until positioned.
  • Signs
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Decals
  • Labels
  • Vinyl graphics