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Rollover Classic

Rollover Classic Flatbed Applicators

The innovative, quality built Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive film road signs, application to glass, banners and rigid substrates of all types up to 90mm (3.54") in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimal amount of time. All Rollover Applicators are designed and quality engineered in Norway with a 5-year warranty.

Rollover Classic are extremely solid, heavier, larger and ship in one piece with the except of the removable roller gantry. Rollover Classic models have the widest variety of optional features available such as side brackets, height adjustable legs (33" up to 43"), twin application rollers, heat assist rollers and an extended gap between roller and bed to accomodate thicker substrates. These tables range in size from 5'5" x 11'1" to 5'5" x 26'. Custom-built sizes are also available.

Rollover Flexi are smaller models specially engineered for premises having limited access (i.e. steps, narrow entrances etc.), as they are lighter and can be broken down in 3 main elements. (Roller Gantry, Flatbed, Legs). Optional features can include side brackets, hight adjustable legs and heat assisted rollers. 4'5" x 9'4" to 5'1 x 11'1".

    Rollover Classic Optional Features and Add-On items can include:
  • Twin application rollers
  • Power height adjustable legs from 33" up to 43"
  • Heat assisted roller 30C to 55C (86F to 134F)
  • Extended gap between roller and glass bed to accommodate thicker substrates
  • Pair of side brackets to hold additional media spindle and mounting brackets
  • Replacement clear, self healing cutting mats
  • Evolution E3 Cutter Support Brackets - These brackets allow the attachment of an Evolution-E3 Cutter to the end of the Rollover for fast, easy and precise cutting.
  • Longside Cutter Guide - an aluminum rail with a channel that mounts to the side of the table to allow for straight cutting with a manual knife.
  • VR15 Weeder & Brackets - the ultimate manual-crank weeding machine for fast weeding in seconds

HROCLS3317B 66" x 11.1 feet   EA -
HROCLS4017B 66" x 13.1 feet   EA -
HROCLS6717B 66" x 22.2 feet   EA -
HROCLS8017B 66" x 26 feet   EA -
HROOPLCG-304 Classic Long Side Cutter, 119"   EA -
HROOPLCG-368 Classic Long Side Cutter, 144"   EA -
HROOPSBH Spindle & Bracket Holder (Set of 2)   SET -
HROVTD Classic, Vertical Transport Device   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Extremely user friendly, comfortably operate the laminator with one hand.
  • Substrates up to 90mm thick can be handled for perfectly flat applications without bubbles or creases.
  • Applications on glass and acrylic plates - When applying digital prints or application tapes to glass and acrylic plates, the Rollover demonstrates its high level of efficiency and flexibility. The roller pressure ensures perfect results without any use of water.
  • Application tape wind up - Application tape can now be a "One man or One Women Show", by using the extra media holders, the full width of the tabletop can be utilised.
  • Laminating digital prints - The great flexibility of the rollover laminating system is already evident in conventional laminating in which digital prints may be coated with protective laminates. Especially when using formats covering the full working surface of the Rollover, these jobs can be done quickly and without bubbles or creases.
  • Assembly of oversize media - By using the generously spaced side shelves, wide banners or other overisze media can be handled across the tabletop. This allows multi-line foil labels and digital prints to be transferred to large formats.
  • The Rollover as a work station - When cutting on the self-healing cutting mat or even working with flexible skins and hoardings, Rollover offers with its back-lit work area the best basis to cope with an advertising technicians everyday strive.
  • Applications for:
  • Rigid panels
  • Glass and acrylic substrates
  • Tape wind up
  • Laminating digital prints
  • Assemblying of oversize media
  • Working table for weeding, cutting and mounting

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