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Rollover VR15 Vinyl Remover for Weeding Vinyl

Rollover VR15 Vinyl Remover is a manual, hand operated weeding machine that is capable of stripping away large areas of film from your cutting plotter or print and cut. It is operated with a single hand driven crank and gets the job done in no time. You can even pause in the middle of a job to attend other business and finish the job later. It is designed to easily weed away vinyl, leaving only the interiors of "O, D, A and R" to be hand weeded separately. Manufactured for easy mounting on a standard worktable with just 6 screws, or mounted to your flat-bed applicator via specialized shelves sold separately.

The full VR15 system is comprised of:
VR15 Vinyl Remover - available in 2 sizes either 143cm (56.3") or 170cm (66.93")
VR15 Media Roll Holder- suspends a full, pre-cut roll of vinyl material off the end of the table.
VR15 Support Shelf- available for either Rollover Standard or Rollover Flexi flatbed applicators. Note: If mounting to a standard worktable, no support shelf is necessary.

HROOPVR15VR-14 VR15 Rollover vinyl remover 1.43M   EA -
HROOPVR15VR-17 VR15 Rollover Vinyl remover 1.7M   EA -
HROOPVR15SS-14 VR15 Flexi & Rollover support shelf 1.43M   EA -
HROOPVR15SS-17 VR15 Rollover Support shelf 1.7M   EA -
HROOPVR15FSS-15 VR15 Flexi support shelf 1.55M   EA YES
HROOPVR15MRH-14 VR15 media roll holder 1.43M   EA YES
HROOPVR15MRH-17 VR15 media roll holder 1.7M   EA -

  • The Vinyl Remover is capable of stripping away any film from your cutting plotter or print n cut
  • Designed for easy mounting on your worktable with just 6 screws or onto your flatbed applicator via a specialized shelf sod separately
  • The working width is up to 1700mm
  • Operated with a single hand driven crank
  • Weeding Vinyl
  • Decals
  • Cut letters

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