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R-Tape ProGrade Yellow

R-Tape Yellow Paintmask

R-Tape ProGrade yellow vinyl paint mask is a specially designed, removable film used in making computer-cut stencils for painted graphics. This paint mask can be used for either sign shop or body shop applications, and with either sign lettering enamels or automotive urethane paints.

ProGrade offers a user-friendly adhesive, and is easy to transfer from the release liner. Easy to apply, and removes with no adhesive residue. Unlike less expensive paint masks, ProGrade uses a polymeric vinyl facestock, which is easier to plotter cut and weed, even when producing stencils with fine detail.


  • Construction Polymeric face, removable adheisve
  • Colour Yellow
VE1310670-50 48" x 50 yards   YD -

  • Polymeric face stock
  • Removable adhesive
  • Compatible with either sign lettering enamels or automotive urethane paints
  • Easy to apply and remove with no adhesive residue
  • Paint graphics
  • Paint mask stencils
  • Plotter cut letters and decals