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ColorPainter W Series Printer

ColorPainter W Series

Delivering great all round performance, the ColorPainter W-54s and W-64s feature Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology for sharp, quality results. High viscosity IX or GX ink and optional solvent based vibrant neon ink provides advanced colour across indoor and outdoor applications.

These printers feature different ink sets and printing configurations to meet every business need. Low-solvent inks for long-term outdoor graphics, and HAPs-FREE inks for short-term outdoor and indoor graphics.

HSIW54006 W-54s - 54" no ink, with accessories   EA -
HSIW54600 W-54s - 54" with GX ink   EA -
HSIW54611 W-54s - 54" with GX ink, blower, take-up   EA -
HSIW54620 W-54s - 54" with IX ink   EA -
HSIW54621 W-54s - 54" with IX ink, blower, take-up   EA -
HSIW64600 W-64s - 64" with GX ink   EA -
HSIW64611 W-64s - 64" with GX ink, blower, take-up   EA -
HSIW64620 W-64s - 64" with IX ink   EA -
HSIW64621 W-64s - 64" with IX ink, blower, take-up   EA -
HSIW64631 W-64s - 64" with neon ink, blower, take-up   EA -
NSIBIP5124 W54S/W64S Cutting Blade   EA -
NSIKIP5263 W54S Cutter Unit   EA -
HSIOPIP153 W64S Takeup   EA -
HSIOPIP182 W54S/W64S Blower   EA -
HSIOPIP260 W54S Takeup   EA -
HSIOPIP265 W54S/W64S Exhaust Attachment   EA -
HSIOPIP5262 W64S Cutter Unit   EA -

  • Choose the 54" model to keep investment costs low, or choose the full size 64" model to print full 63.5" wide graphics.
  • 4 or 6 colours
  • Choose GX ink for long term outdoor durability, or IX ink for HAPs-FREE printing
  • Advanced Industrial piezo printheads are designed for longevity and high volume printing environments
  • Dynamic dot printing dynamically processes images into 3 different drop sizes, and jets 3 different drop sizes on the fly
  • Innovative nozzle compensation function re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality with no speed loss.
  • Smart Pass 3 Technology maximizes print quality automatically and reduces the possibility of banding on low-quality media
  • ColorPainter Manager Software
  • Automated maintenance
  • New reloadable ink cartridges
  • Better colour density & details at high speeds
  • Multiple high speed print modes
  • Industry's best backlit film prints
  • Outdoor signs
  • Banners
  • Fleet graphics
  • Billboards
  • Trade show graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Bus wraps
  • Backlit graphics

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