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ColorPainter E-64S

ColorPainter E-64S

The ColorPainter E-64s boasts the low-odor, eco-solvent SX inks and most advanced ColorPainter print technologies, delivering the color density and glossiness expected from ColorPainter brand devices and generating vivid output for banners, backlit signage, fleet and vehicle graphics, wall and floor graphics, exhibit graphics and more.

This printer is ideal for the low- to mid-volume sign and graphics businesses, with users averaging less than 3 rolls of media per week and seeking premium graphic output with the color density, glossiness and outdoor durability expected from ColorPainter brand devices.

Co-branded 3M SX ink Series from OKI together with the ColorPainter E-64s printer carries the coveted 3M MCS Warranty. In addition, the printers output has been certified GREENGUARD Gold for safety of indoor applications

HSE64S 64" Printer with SX Inks   EA -
HSE64S-3M 64" Printer with 3M SX Inks   EA -

  • Low-Odor and Eco Solvent SX Ink - The low-odor eco solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and low running costs. Overall performance of SX inks meets the customers demand for higher productivity and better workplace environment.
  • High Outdoor Durability - Even with its low odor characteristic, SX inks boast excellent outdoor durability.
  • High Density - The SX inks achieve high-density colors and details in dark areas. The E-64s meets customers' needs for sharp, clear and bright backlit signs.
  • SP4 - Smart Pass Technology - The 4th generation of Smart Pass Technology effectively reduces overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding. Optimizing the effect for each print mode, SP4 brings superb image quality to versatile applications.
  • DDP - Dynamic Dot Printing Technology - Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size to produce rich, bold and glossy colors with fine details. DDP also creates high density printing without any loss in speed, giving the ColorPainter E-64s backlit film capabilities.
  • SNM3 - Smart Nozzle Mapping - We enhanced the nozzle mapping function to SNM3 in order to further minimize down times generated when missing dots are found on the printout. In addition to manual configuration, the nozzle numbers can now be set automatically.
  • On-Carriage Ionizer -Static electricity on print media is one of the major factors that cause printing defects. The built-in on-carriage ionizer neutralizes static electricity and eliminates static related print issues, even in a low humidity environment.
  • Automatic Print Adjustment - Automatic Print Adjustment performs both media advance and bi-directional position adjustment. The E-64s ensures high quality printing for everyone even if it is a novice.
  • CP_Manager for E-Series - Developed specifically for the ColorPainter printers, CP_Manager, the bundled controller software, allows operators to operate printers from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Operators can communicate and manage the E-64s by email and Twitter through CP_Manager.
  • SSS (Safe Scanning System) - SSS minimizes the damage on the print surface due to the print heads touching the media. You can choose from four operating modes according to your needs. When contact between the print heads and the media is detected, you can quickly pause the job, correct the media, and then resume the print job without canceling it. This reduces wasted time, ink and media.
  • Software RIP - The ColorPainter E-64s comes with ONYX RIPCenter OKI Edition featuring an easy-to-use intuitive interface. ONYX RIPCenter OKI Edition helps you produce consistent high-quality prints from the first day of installation.
  • Highest Productivity & High Image Quality - Higher Speed Printing With Rich Color Density While other prints lose density as they go faster due to small drop sizes and low viscosity inks, the new ColorPainter E-64s uses high viscosity inks and an ultra modern piezo-inkjet head to deliver outstanding image quality and no color density loss.
    OKI's improved dot pattern enables razor sharp, crisp images at all print modes. Choose between fine-detail modes with unmatched print speeds, or high-resolution print modes with less grain.
  • New Air Flow - The air flow inside the printer has been redesigned for faster ink drying. The air flow system brings air from the rear of the printer and then blows it along the front cover out of the printer. This air flow coupled with a heater makes it possible to quickly dry even low odor inks.
  • Outdoor signs
  • Banners
  • Fleet graphics
  • Billboards
  • Trade show graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Bus wraps
  • Backlit graphics

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