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Equipment Supplies E-64S

Equipment Supplies for use with the OKI E-64S printer.


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NSIAIP5280 SX Daily Maintenance Kit   EA -
NSIAIP5279 Cap Cleaning Liquid Set   EA -
NSIAIP5281 Wiper Blade   EA -
NSIAIP5282 Wiper Sponge   EA -
NSIAIP5283 Sheet Mount Cleaning Kit   EA -
NSIAIP5284 Storage Liquid Set   EA -
NSIAIP5285 Cleaning Liquid Set   EA YES
NSIAIP5299 Waste Ink Bottle W54S/W64S   EA YES
NSIAIP6251 Wiper Cleaning Liquid   EA YES
NSIKIP5254 Ionizer Kit   EA -
NSIKIP5262 Cutter Unit 64"   EA -
NSIKIP5265 Exhaust Attachment   EA -
NSIKIP5320 Ink Cart Holder   EA -
NSIAIP7264 OKI Cleaning Swab, Thick   EA YES
NSIAIP5320 Ink Cartridge Holder   EA -
NSIAIP6147 Cotton Tipped Swab Stick Set, w/ Green Handle IP6-147   EA YES
NSIAIP7138 OKI Gloves   EA -

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