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Florentine Swirl

No signmaking material matches the beauty of pure gold leaf...Signgold is the sign industries only exterior 22 karat gold film. Use it to create beautiful graphics, for indoors or out, that sell themselves for premium prices - yet require no extra work on your part.
P "Punched" for the Gerber EDGE/EDGE FX

VJSGFS-2 24" x 2 yards, Florentine Swirl, Gold   YD -
VJSGFS-10 24" x 10 yards, Florentine Swirl, Gold   YD -
VCSGFSTP-2 15" x 2 yards, Gold, Thermal Printable, P   YD -
VJSGFS-5 24" x 5 yards, Florentine Swirl, Gold   YD -
VCSGFS-10 15" x 10 yards, Gold, P   YD -
VCSGSFS-2 15" x 2 yards, Silver, P   YD -

  • The only gold in the entire sign industry for computer aided signmaking systems.
  • Gold Leaf sells itself...Gold leaf commands a higher selling price because of its unique beauty and appeal...When customers see it they realize that no regular vinyl can match the brilliance and outdoor durability of SignGold.
  • Ultra-thin construction and poly liner for superior cutting, weeding and application performance...Reduce your labour costs.
  • Expect a 10-14 year exterior life. The gold leaf is physically protected from top surface abrasion as a protective film is on top and the gold is on the underside.
  • Can handle UV exposure, car washes, salt-water, solvents, gasoline and almost any other contaminant.
  • Conforms easily to rivets and other irregular surfaces.
  • Graffiti resistance.
  • Available in several rich finishes.
  • Some finishes are thermal transfer receptive - please enquire.
  • Exterior signs
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Vehicle pin-striping
  • Window graphics
  • Emblems
  • Decals
  • Store front designs
  • Sand blasted wooden signs
  • Boat and car signs
  • Architectural signage