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EasyWeed Extra Cuttable Heat Transfer Material

This is the heat transfer vinyl that offers all the benefits of EasyWeed plus it goes on nylon! No wonder it's our number one selling cuttable material for difficult applications. EasyWeed Extra comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier that makes it easier to weed small letters and fine detail.

P "Punched" for the Gerber EDGE/EDGE FX
UP "Unpunched"

VATRE01-50 White, 15" by the yard   YD YES
VATRE02-50 Black, 15" by the yard   YD YES

  • Heat application is simple and easy, 10-15 seconds is all you need. Much faster than most other brands. Apply with less time, less temperature and less pressure!
  • Weed small letters and detailed designs without losing pieces or breaking of the film.
  • You can layer almost all materials, the number of layers are unlimited.
  • When overlaying layers, you only need to apply 1-2 seconds of heat for the first layers, and then 10-15 seconds is only needed when the overlays are complete. This will save 50% to 90% on production time.
  • Applications are at a lower temperature than most competitors 305F vs. 340-350F, which reduces the chance of scorching the material, and reduces the chance of dye migration.
  • Applies to 100% cotton, 100% polyester and poly/cotton blends.
  • Exceptional colour fastness and wash resistance. Up to 50 washes, there is no need to turn inside out or give special attention when washing.
  • Peels Hot or Cold.
  • Promotional clothing
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tote bags
  • Leather promotional products
  • Nylon jackets
  • Flags
  • Sports wear

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