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Brick 600 Cuttable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Thickest Heat Transfer Vinyl Available!

Siser Brick 600 Heat Transfer Vinyl is a thick, flexible material designed for smaller logos and designs and adds an extra dimension to your garments. It is an incredibly thick, 600 micron polyurethane (PU) material made to emulate the effect of a raised or embroidered look, without the use of needle and thread.
Note that minimum blade cutting pressure recommended is 90gf.

Next time you feel your design is just too flat, consider giving it some dimension with Brick by Siser!

VTTBR05-05 20" x 5 yards, Red   YD -
VTTBR601-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, White   YD YES
VTTBR602-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Black   YD YES
VTTBR603-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Royal Blue   YD YES
VTTBR604-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Navy Blue   YD YES
VTTBR605-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Red   YD YES
VTTBR606-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Yellow   YD YES
VTTBR607-10 Brick 600 - 20" by the yard, Green   YD YES

  • Available in 20" x 5 yard rolls only
  • Matte finish
  • 1000micro/39.3mil thick
  • This product can NOT be layered
  • Must be cut with a 60 degree blade
  • Compatible with 100% cotton, poly cotton, uncoated polyester and Lycra/Spandex
  • Cool Peel
  • Wash warm, inside out with mild detergent 24 hours after application
  • Compatible with 100% cotton
  • Poly cotton
  • Uncoated polyester
  • Lycra / Spandex

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