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SQUID PVC-Free PSA Window Textile

SQUID is a 3mil, open-weave PVC-free polyester textile, with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive. It is meant to be used as a semi-transparent architectural fabric for covering glass surfaces, which allows you to see out, but stops people outside from looking in during the day. SQUID is easy to install without any hardware or fixtures. It can be used in any interior on any type of glass, regardless of its size and shape. Made in Belgium.

SQUID performs at temperatures up to 60C and is anti-microbial and fire retardant (M1/B1 rated), so it can be used it in areas with strict fire safety requirements. It is also a great way to block out the sun, tests have show that it reduces the temperature by at least 3 degrees C. Neither the glue nor the fabric suffer an adverse affects from strong UV rays.

Compatible with solvent and UV-cure inks.


  • Size 51.18" width
  • Construction 100% woven, pre-dyed polyester
  • Adhesive Removable, self-adhesive
  • Colour 6 distinct natural colours: Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash, Rock and Coal.
  • Durability 5 year service life when correctly installed on a vertical glass surface without removal and repositioning after the activation of the glue.

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  • SQUID can be cut to fit any type of glass surface, regardless of its size and shape
  • 100% woven polyester
  • Super easy to install
  • Fire retardant
  • UV printable
  • Sun resistant
  • All types of glass surfaces
  • If applied to other surfaces such as walls, acrylic or polymers this material will leave a lot of adhesive behind and is no longer Fire Retardant.