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Sawtrax Signmaker's Panel Saw

SawTrax Signmaker's Panel Saw

The Saw Trax Panel Saw and Substrate cutter, cuts all the material your sign shop can use today and in the future. It has the dust free benefits of a light duty substrate cutter and the heavy duty power of a panel saw saving you space and money. The pivoting knife insert can cut vertically and horizontally. When cutting thicker PVC or 10 mil Coro, it can score cut until through your material like a substrate cutter. You can also gang cut PVC with the saw.

The panel saw spinning saw insert uses an off the shelf Makita 5007F 15 amp. saw using standard 7.25" saw blades. It plugs into a normal wall outlet. The depth of cut is 1.75". A dust hood and dust brush surrounds the saw blade and a 2.5" by 12' hose with coupler plugs directly into a normal ShopVac. This combination of containment and additional air flow does the best job in the industry evacuation saw dust. The fully assembled heavy duty frame is powder coated welded steel.

The Accu-Glide sealed roller bearing system uses real sealed bearings for a smooth and accurate action of 1/64". The quick release carriage allows less than 10 second tool changes. The Accu-Square alignment system ensures your machine never goes out of square. The blade guard on the saw and the ability to retract the knife blade ensure a safe operation.

Models come in a Compact five foot wide cross cut of 52" and 64" and a Full Size ten foot wide cross cut of 52", 64" and 76" cross cut models.

HSTC52SM 52" Compact Frame, 52" Cross Cut, 5' Wide   EA -
HSTFS52SM 52" Full Size Frame, 52" Cross Cut, 10' Wide   EA -
HSTFS76SM 76" Full Size Frame, 76" Cross Cut, 10' Wide   EA -
HSTC64SM 64" Compact Frame, 64" Cross Cut, 5' Wide   EA -
HSTFS64SM 64" Full Size Frame, 64" Cross Cut, 10' Wide   EA -
HSTMDFC Full Mid-Fence Option   EA -
HSTACM4 3 mil ACM Cutter Option   EA -
HSTBLEXT Full Builder's Extension Option   EA -
HSTCLMP Sheet Clamp Option   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Accu-Square Alignment System,
  • Sealed Roller Bearings,
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame, Retraction Mechanism,
  • Saw Cord Holder,
  • 2 Carriage Locks,
  • Strip Support,
  • 1/8" Wall Guide Tubes
  • Makita 5007N Saw,
  • Saw Cover with blade viewing port,
  • Horizontal Measuring Tape,
  • Vertical Measuring Tape with Pointer and Spring Tensioned Band,
  • Saw Blade Guard,
  • 24 tooth carbide tipped blade.
Easily Cuts:
  • Acrylic and Plexiglass
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Composite
  • MDF
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • PVC Foamboard
  • Wood

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