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Summa S2 Plotter

S2 D Series Plotter

The Summa S Class 2 cutter has a processor, which is seven times more powerful than its predecessor. A vibrant color touchscreen, a network port, fast and reliable USB connection and an even faster OPOS sensor make the S Class 2 cutter prepared for many years to come. Equipped with a new trim and sheet cut functionality, the cutter is now more than ever the perfect companion for large format printers.

Summa S2™ D Series vinyl cutters unite legendary S Class power and precision with an efficient and affordable drag knife cutting head. Boasting an astonishing array of industry-first innovations and built-in capabilities, S2™ D Series does more than any other vinyl cutter in its class. Precisely.

HSUS2D75 Summa S2 D75 - 30" Drag Knife   EA -
HSUS2D120 Summa S2 D120 - 48" Drag Knife   EA -
HSUS2D140 Summa S2 D140 - 54" Drag Knife   EA -
HSUS2D160 Summa S2 D160 - 65" Drag Knife   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Motor-controlled Blade With its genuine tangential cutting head, Summa S Class T Series takes the world's most advanced cutter, and gives it cutting that's unmatched for quality.
  • Touch-screen Controls: Summa S-Class 2 is unquestionably the world's most advance cutter. With its exclusive touch-control panel, it's also the easiest to use, by far.
  • OPOS X Contour-cutting: OPOS X contour-cutting alignment delivers OPOS unparalleled accuracy and automation, even on laminated images
  • Variable-tension Rollers: Summa is the world leader in tracking thick materials accurately. With its adjustable tension pinch-rollers, it's just as accurate with thin materials.
  • WinPlot Cut Software: WinPlot, with its advanced OPOS mark recognition, automatically cuts printed graphics created in any vector design program.
  • Sandblasting
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making
  • Digital Sign Making
  • Monument Stenciling