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Summa S2 Plotter

S2 D Series Drag Blade Cutting Plotter

The Summa S Class 2 cutter has a vibrant color touchscreen, a network port, fast and reliable USB connection and an OPOS sensor make the S Class 2 cutter prepared for many years to come. Equipped with a new trim and sheet cut functionality, the cutter is the perfect companion for large format printers. They offer power and precision with an efficient and affordable drag knife cutting head.

Each plotter ships with an integrated media support system with coreholders. (USB & RS232), OPOS X and SummaCut Software. Also ships with US power cord and EU power cord.

Note: Fibre Tip Pen Kit and Pouncing Tool Kit are sold separately.

HSUS2D752E S2 30" Drag Knife Cutting Plotter   EA -
HSUS2D1202E S2 48" Drag Knife Cutting Plotter   EA -
HSUS2D1402E S2 54" Drag Knife Cutting Plotter   EA -
HSUS2D1602E S2 62" Drag Knife Cutting Plotter   EA -
HSUS2D1602E-D S2 62" Drag Knife Cutting Plotter - Demo   EA -

Prices do not include installation, training or freight

  • Motor-controlled Blade With its genuine tangential cutting head, Summa S Class T Series takes the world's most advanced cutter, and gives it cutting that's unmatched for quality.
  • Touch-screen Controls: Summa S-Class 2 is unquestionably the world's most advance cutter. With its exclusive touch-control panel, it's also the easiest to use, by far.
  • OPOS X Contour-cutting: OPOS X contour-cutting alignment delivers OPOS unparalleled accuracy and automation, even on laminated images
  • Variable-tension Rollers: Summa is the world leader in tracking thick materials accurately. With its adjustable tension pinch-rollers, it's just as accurate with thin materials.
  • WinPlot Cut Software: WinPlot, with its advanced OPOS mark recognition, automatically cuts printed graphics created in any vector design program.
  • Sandblasting
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making
  • Digital Sign Making
  • Monument Stenciling