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TDX LED Modules & Kits

USLED TDX Modules can be mounted anywhere from 3" to 18" from the sign fascia. This module requires a 24V power supply and offers 360 lumens per foot with a 160 degree beam angle and 6500K of bright white light. Recommended permanent installation is with screws and silicone.

USLED TDX Kitsare ideal for use as a lighting cabinet retrofit. Kits come in either single or double sided and are completely wired, with 12" USLED Quick Connects for ease of installation. Z-Clips, L-Clips and Stainless Steel screws for mounting are included. IP66 rated with a service life of up to 200,000 hours.

Product will be replaced with TDXL once inventory is depleted.




  • Colours 6500K bright white
EULA1618 TDX, 1 Module/ft   EA YES
EULA1619 3 Modules/Ft, 4' bar, Single Side   EA YES
EULA1625 6 Modules/Ft, 4' bar, Double Sided   EA YES
EULA1626 8 Modules/Ft, 4' bar, Double Sided   EA YES

  • 160 degree beam angle
  • Designed for single and double sided applications
  • IP 66 rated
  • For strokes greater than 12" and distance to face of 6" plus we use TX at 1 module per foot.
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